Fine Roman Red Ware basin.
Item 6017 in the gallery.

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  • Can you distinguish between forgeries and the real thing?

  • I bring the experience of collecting ancient artefacts for some 40 years to the selection of antiquities for my online shop. I find that I can only buy in things for stock which I really like, which creates a problem as I really want to keep so many things for my own collection!

  • You will hopefully not find forgeries and fakes here. All collectors and dealers will sometimes make mistakes.  In the event, we would both have learnt something valuable!  Additionally, I would place photos of the piece with a commentary, in my fakes sections so that others can learn as well.

  • This is a website for collectors, newly interested or well established,  academics and others interested in ancient times.

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  • COAs on request.  

  • I am a member of the  Antiquities Dealers Association

  •  Always interested to know what collectors may be offering for sale. Email me.

    I am especially interested in seeing interesting scarabs as that's my main collecting interest.






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I have been collecting antiquities for a very long time. I'm rather an antiquity myself. I became retired some years ago (I was a doctor in London) and I decided, just for the fun of it, to start a bit of dealing.

I wanted to create a website which will be more than simply another antiquities dealer website; a website about collecting ancient artifacts not just selling them. Please do use the facilities here: do contribute to the endeavour. The success of these resources is in your hands. Together, I hope that we can create something useful.


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